The Journey

This is a documentation of my own journey and how I am coping with my own diabetes. I am not perfect. I am not an expert. I am just someone trying to live my best life with the people around me.

Weekly updates of my journey posted every Monday ♥
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The Journey: Episode Twenty-Five

OCTOBER 12, 2020 First update in a long while. I couldn’t afford my other insulin, Novolog 70/30 mix, so I decided to just keep taking my Lantus. I told my doctor about it and he said that’s fine. I just have to monitor my blood sugar more than I was before which was morning and […]

The Journey: Episode Twenty-Four

SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 Some good news. I made the decision to lower my insulin dosage from 85 units to 80 units.Why? Mostly because it stings a hell of a lot when I do 85, but also because I want to stretch my insulin as long as I can. And I’ve been doing the 80 units […]

The Journey: Episode Twenty-Three

SEPTEMBER 13, 2020 So I’m just waiting to get paid so I can get my new insulin. So far the Lantus is just barely working. I think the cinnamon tea really is helping. However, my dog’s health is in trouble and so I’ve had very little sleep in the last couple nights watching her and […]

The Journey: Episode Twenty Two

SEPTEMBER 6, 2020 So I couldn’t afford to get my Novolog Mix 70/30 this week. No shock there. My insurance preferred that I get the brand name insulin which was obviously more, almost $600 a box of five pens. So the pharmacy asked if I wanted to screw my insurance and go with the generic […]

The Journey: Episode Twenty-One

AUGUST 30, 2020 I had my doctor appointment on Thursday. I’m a little confused. I told my doctor all about my difficulties with my 85 units of Lantus and my blood sugar not being within range. We were concerned that my A1C hadn’t improved. So he decided to prescribe Novolog Mix 70/30. He wants me […]

The Journey: Episode Twenty

AUGUST 23, 2020 Well nothing really to report. However, I got my blood test done for my A1C and my number isn’t looking too hot. I was at 7.9 in April and now I’m at 8.2. So it’s gone up a little bit and I’m not too happy about that. All the insulin injections and […]

The Journey: Episode Nineteen

SUNDAY, AUGUST 16, 2020 My blood sugar is looking a little bit better this week. I started drinking cinnamon tea about five days ago and my blood sugar has been in range more days than out of it. I’ve heard of the benefits of cinnamon tea on blood sugar levels and I’ve been wanting to […]

Big Announcement!

So I made the decision to create some sticker designs that I want to make available for you folks to purchase and stick everywhere and on everything. The stickers just came in and they look really good. I’m super excited to have these guys up for you. These are just some of the designs I […]

The Journey: Episode Eighteen

AUGUST 10, 2020 So conditions have been unchanged since the last journey update. I went one night without injecting my insulin and the next morning I woke up and my blood glucose was 210 mg/dL. I’m not sure how it would have been if I had taken my insulin that night because we had dinner […]

The Journey: Episode Seventeen

AUGUST 3, 2020 So it’s been a long while since I last posted. A lot had been going on during July with helping my sister with her move and then cleaning up after she left, she left a surprising amount of stuff behind. We had a ceremony for my dad’s ashes in July which took […]

Advice to My Younger Self

If only I had these letters to read when I was growing up. If only I had this advice when I was going through these key points in my life. What could have happened if I went outside more? What could have happened if I had known more about diabetes before? Maybe these letters can […]

The Journey: Episode Sixteen

JUNE 29, 2020 My first week of this low carb challenge down and it sucked. I did really well the first two days and then I dropped off. I guess I really can’t quit carbs cold turkey like that, but I’m going to keep trying. It’s been especially hard with cravings and eating out. On […]

The Journey: Episode Fifteen

June 21, 2020 I woke up this morning and checked my blood sugar, it was 156 mg/dL. No bueno. So tonight I’ve decided to go up to 80 units of insulin. I’ve poked my right thigh as much as I could while keeping at least 1/4 inch distance between injection sites. I just can’t bunch […]

Remembering My Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I know all you dads think you’re the best and your family loves you, and you are absolutely right. Your family loves you, even if they never tell you, they really do love you. I once heard something from somewhere a long while ago and I […]

The Journey: Episode Fourteen

JUNE 14, 2020 I’ve been getting pretty frustrated lately with my blood sugar. No matter how high I go with the insulin injection my blood sugar doesn’t seem to change. It doesn’t go up and it doesn’t go down. I’m not sure what’s wrong. Maybe it’s my diet, maybe I’m not doing enough with diet. […]


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